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JANR13 JMP Software: ANOVA and Regression This course teaches how to analyze data with a single continuous response variable using analysis of variance and regression methods. You learn how to perform elementary exploratory data analysis (EDA) and discover natural patterns in data. Important statistical concepts such as confidence intervals are also introduced. 2 Days Intermediate R 9 600 excl VAT per person
JCSA13 JMP Software: A Case Study Approach to Data Exploration This course is designed as the first step for those who want to use JMP to manage, analyze, and explore data. Three case studies are used to present typical data analysis issues. (The ecourse will have the same general content but with a different format.) 1 Day Fundamental R 4 800 excl VAT per person
JDSC12 NEW- JMP Software: Designing and Building a Complete JMP Script This course will teach you how to approach writing a new script in a methodical way. A realistic case study will be used to illustrate the typical steps. A separate case study is developed in the course exercises. A storyboard showing the results from the script, the JMP objects that will be used by the script, and the steps necessary for the script to carry out is developed at the beginning of the course, and is further developed throughout the course. The results are used to determine the necessary data, so the next step is identifying the analysis variables and their original data stores. Techniques to import or query for data, cleanse and harmonize data, and derive new variables complete the first half of the course. The second half of the course teaches how to script the conversion of the variables into results. JMP objects are used to create a working framework. Each object is then customized or extended as necessary. Optional results or computations are captured in a user dialog to finish the script. 2 Days Intermediate R 9 600 excl VAT per person
JMDE13 JMP Software: Custom Design of Experiments This course offers a fresh perspective about designing experiments through state-of-the-art features in JMP. This course specifically focuses on the principles of designing an experiment and how to use all of them to achieve an optimal design. 2 Days Expert R 9 600 excl VAT per person
JMMD12 JMP Software: Modeling Multidimensional Data This course is for JMP users who need to build descriptive and predictive models between sets of multidimensional data. The course demonstrates various ways of performing supervised learning where the relationships among both the output variables and the input variables are considered in building these models. Strong emphasis is on understanding the results of the analysis and presenting your conclusions with graphs. 1 Day Intermediate R 4 800 excl VAT per person
JMSA12 JMP Software: Measurement System Analysis This course teaches you how to determine the measurement error associated with your process, including both measurement system variability and bias. 1 Day Intermediate R 4 800 excl VAT per person
JMSD13 JMP Software: Modern Screening Designs This advanced course presents strategies and methods for designing experiments to screen many factors in an optimal study, as well as several specialized analytical tools that respect the limited information available in such experiments. This course is designed to help scientists and engineers choose an appropriate technique for their particular situation. 2 Days Expert R 9 600 excl VAT per person
JMUL12 JMP Software: Analyzing Multidimensional Data This course is for JMP users who deal with data with many variables. The course demonstrates various ways to examine high dimensional data in fewer dimensions, as well as patterns that exist in the data. Relationships between the observations, as well as relationships between the variables will be uncovered by using multivariate techniques. 1 Day Intermediate R 4 800 excl VAT per person
JPM010 Predictive Modeling Using JMP Pro This course covers the skills required to develop, assess, and score predictive models using the Partition platform and the Neural platform. 1 Day Expert R 4 800 excl VAT per person
JREL13 JMP Software: Reliability Analysis for Non-Repairable Systems This course is for anyone who needs to analyze data about how long an object (reliability) or person (survival) operates within acceptable parameters ('time to event'). The course is presented using manufacturing examples, but those interested in survival analysis or studying recidivism will also find the course useful. 1 Day Intermediate R 4 800 excl VAT per person
JSCR13 JMP Software: Introduction to the JMP Scripting Language This course demonstrates how to extend JMP software's functionality using the JMP Scripting Language (JSL) to automate routine procedures, extend or create new procedures, and customize reports. 2 Days Intermediate R 9 600 excl VAT per person
JSPC13 JMP Software: Statistical Process Control This course teaches you how to set up and maintain a statistical process control system using JMP software 2 Days Intermediate R 9 600 excl VAT per person
JSTART JMP Starter - 5 day general statistics course based on JMP software (5 days) Overview of statistical methods. Based on the book JMP Start Statistics - A guide to statitsics and data analysis using JMP. The course starts with a introduction to JMP; What are statistics?;from one variable distributions to multivariate analysis;Regression; Linear Models; Design of Experiments; Exploratory modelling 5 Days Intermediate R 20 700 excl VAT per person
JFIP13 NEW - JMP Software: Finding Important Predictors This course teaches you techniques for fitting statistical models to identify important variables. Manual, graphical, and automated variable selection techniques are presented, along with advanced modeling methods. The demonstrations include modeling both designed and undesigned data. Techniques are illustrated using both JMP software and JMP Pro software. 2 Days Intermediate R 9 600 excl VAT per person

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