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Octoplus was established in 2000 and has developed an outstanding reputation for quality, professional business practice and efficient service among government, academic institutions as well as private and commercial clients.

JMP® 17 has been launched with new features for both JMP® and JMP® Pro

Workflow Builder

The Workflow Builder captures an interactive session to a graphical workflow script for automation, teaching, repeatable data preparation or reproducible analysis. While you’re using JMP interactively, the Workflow Builder documents and displays your steps. The Workflow Builder makes it easy to

  • Interactively build and automate repeatable end-to-end analytic workflows.
  • Document and share analysis processes and results.
  • Save time and reduce the potential for errors by reducing repetitive tasks.
  • Foster better collaboration with colleagues by standardizing data process and cleanup tasks.

Easy DOE

For anyone who needs a starting point for designing an experiment, Easy DOE offers a step-by-step guide through the DOE workflow from designing the experiment to analyzing, predicting and reporting findings.

  • Save work in a single .jmpdoe file that can be reopened or shared.
  • Decide how much guidance you need with two modes. Guided mode simplifies selections and provides hints to make it easy to get started. Flexible mode provides more options for Custom DOE and Definitive Screening Designs, including additional analysis options in JMP Pro.

Search JMP

If you’re looking to do something new in JMP or want tips for using one of your favorite tools, Search JMP puts help within easy reach. Get answers and return to your analysis quickly, whether you're new to JMP or an experienced user.

  • Find JMP capabilities and see a guided path to access them.
  • Locate data cleanup operations, statistical tests and visualization options along with resources to help you use them.
  • Search in context to get the answers you need and return to your analysis quickly.

New in JMP Live

JMP Live offers a new set of capabilities for server-side data refresh and scheduling, better organization of JMP Live content and a streamlined publishing workflow.

  • Connect directly to data sources and schedule updates from JMP Live, eliminating the need for a third-party scheduling tool.
  • Set up hierarchical, nested spaces for better organization of reports, including improved access controls.
  • Publish with the improved workflow that makes it easier to get discoveries shared far and wide in the organization.
  • View data tables directly in JMP Live without downloading, making it easy to view data on mobile devices.
  • Use single-click open in JMP, which creates a JMP Project from JMP Live content for easy follow-up analysis.
  • Explore reports using more interactive features including Categorial Response Profilers, Packed Bar Charts and Parallel Plots.

OSIsoft PI Import

Data analysts, engineers and scientists who need access to the rich asset data stored in an OSIsoft PI server can easily import their data into JMP using the interactive OSIsoft PI import. Traverse asset trees, import historical data and bring time series data into a JMP table quickly and use those data to visualize, enrich and improve models.

  • Connect to a PI Server and interactively import raw, plot or interpolated data for attributes of interest.
  • Access the rich data available in OSI PI without coding or interacting with APIs.

New in FDE (PRO)

Spectral Analysis in Functional Data Explorer offers a suite of tools for preprocessing, modeling, and multivariate analysis of spectral data. This functionality is also good for preprocessing and analyzing chromatographic data.

  • Apply S-G smoothers, baseline correction and other preprocessing methods to spectral data sets before analysis and modeling.
  • Use wavelets basis function models for fast and flexible models for these data.
  • Run a wavelet DOE analysis using generalized regression to model spectral experimental results.

Genomics and Wide Fitting

Enhanced genomics and wide fitting tools mean better performance for wide problems, specialized features for fitting 2-level by m-level associations and switching regressors one at a time. These improvements also make it easier to handle hundreds of thousands of Ys, suppress reports and direct output to data tables. Features include

  • Optimized handling of large, wide tables and analysis (Multivariate, Response Screening and data table transformations)
  • Direct import of commonly used genetic and genomic data formats (PRO)
  • New statistics platform for Genetic Marker analysis (PRO)
  • New model-based Genetic Breeding Simulations (PRO)

New in JMP Clinical

Completely re-written with a focus on speed and simplicity to provide a much smaller and responsive program and an improved user experience. Clinical review reports no longer require complicated setup and launch dialogs, and all data and analysis occur solely within JMP.

  • New Clinical Review Reports:
    • Study Flow (CONSORT) Diagram
    • Adverse Event and Interventions Risk Reports
    • Adverse Events Incidence Rate Report
    • Lab Shift Tables Report
    • Clinical Endpoint Efficacy
    • Clinical Events and Disposition Distribution Reports
    • Robust Outlier Screening and Detection Report
    • Exposure Time Trends Report
  • Set Study Preferences to specify default report settings for each study.
  • Publish many clinical reports to JMP Live 17.
  • Explore and build predictive models for your clinical trial data with the integration of JMP Pro.

Hans de Roos represents JMP in London


Hans with personnel from JMP and studio people making a recording for Analytical Speaking in London. This is a new experience for Hans. Hans said that he really enjoyed it.

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